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  • Digital Textbook

    Access a digital copy of each unit. This is the anti-textbook (only 212 pages) with illustrations and scenarios to increase recall on the exam. Available on the go from your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Additional Resources

    Over 300 flash cards and 600 quiz/exam questions with detailed explanations. Access the latest forms and support materials created by North Carolina experts.

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    Use the link in the course to complete practice exams with over 240 exam questions. See your score breakdown by exam content areas to identify strengths and weaknesses.

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$45 for 4-Months or $55 for 6-Months Access


  • My school already gave me a textbook. Why should I buy NC Real Estate Today?

    Our book can be a textbook or a review book. You can benefit from our scenarios, illustrations, flashcards, practice quizzes and exams.

  • What makes your practice quizzes better than a printed book?

    The quiz questions are randomly assigned from a question bank. Your practice quiz questions will change each time.

  • Can I order a hard copy book?

    You can order a hard copy book from If you have already purchased this course contact 3 Wise Teachers at to request a book. We will verify your digital purchase and send you an invoice for $25 through PayPal. The book will be mailed USPS Priority Mail.