Student review

"I passed!!!! Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without you!" Joseph Molosky

Cram Tools


  • Cram Book

    The all-inclusive Cram book contains ONLY the critical content you WILL see on the National & State exams. Our Cram book has icons and symbols designed to identify problem topics and test points students must know and understand to pass the exams.

  • Live 4 hour Session

    Our interactive class is taught by content experts skilled at simplifying complex critical content. Time will be spent demonstrating a process to quickly untangle complicated questions and avoid being distracted by the wrong answer choices.

  • Kim Stotesbury, DREI

    A dedicated content expert will personally address your questions as you study to pass the exam. Kim's contact information is shared with all Cram Students, and Kim will do her best to answer your questions before, during and after the live class.

  • Online materials with support videos

    Online materials include a digital Cram book and audio/video resources that make finding study time easy. These resources are accessible by computer, smart phone or tablet. Use the audio segments of the Cram class to study while you workout, walk, clean house...

  • Practice Exams

    Two online exams are included. One 80 question national exam and one 40 question state specific exam. Both exams include explanations for the correct answers to each question.

  • Return/Refund Policy

    Students may return to the live session at no additional charge for 90 days. Access to all online study materials is unlimited for 90 days. Once the hard copy Cram book is mailed, there is no refund.

Student review

"I wanted to tell you thank you for everything...I PASSED!!! I loved the videos from the course. They definitely helped... I listened to them in the car and at the gym. You were with me everywhere. It all finally made sense due to how you explained it all." Haley Mohn

Course curriculum

Student review

“Seriously-this is a SUPER HELPFUL cram class!!! Like, well done! Kim is super direct and clear with the information and keeps the group focused, while also addressing and encouraging questions and feedback-however, she still holds control over the group. That is not easily accomplished.” Jeannette Arias


Cram for the Exam includes the contact information of an exam content expert. Kim Stotesbury, DREI is dedicated to your success, and Kim will answer your questions in real time as you study. Please reach out with questions about the Cram for the Exam program. Text Kim to schedule a call 704-782-4604.

Student review

"I wanted to let you know that I passed my state portion of the real estate exam! Thank you so very much as I do not think I could have done it without your cram class! You really did a great job explaining dual agency and when an offer becomes a contract. Again, thank you very much!!" Debbie Philbeck

Student review

"I just took the state exam this evening and passed. Thanks to your class, specifically the way it was broken down did the trick. I changed a few answers that I was sure of in the past to better answers because I was able to untangle the question. Thanks again for the help, it was God sent." Bryan Martin